AUGUST 10, 2021

Optimize space utilization in your hybrid workplace with Kisi capacity management

Capacity Management gives you visibility into the real-time space utilization of your facilities.

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Capacity Management UI on a mobile device

Updated on February 16, 2022

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In an effort to provide more features to enable and empower your modern office, Kisi's just rolled out Capacity Management!

Capacity Management from Kisi lets you leverage your spaces to the maximum without sacrificing security or safety. This free feature will update your Kisi account with real-time space utilization data.

Live occupancy count
You can set custom occupancy amounts that Kisi will keep track of on your Kisi dashboard.

Setting up Capacity Management is easy! You have two options for tracking in-out traffic.

  • Set a custom time-out duration that will automatically move users from checked-in to checked-out if they are inactive
Setting manual timeout durations for capacity management.
Setting a custom timeout duration lets Kisi automatically move users from active to inactive.
  • Use separate in and out scanners to maintain completely accurate and secure capacity

All activity is automatically updated in your Kisi dashboard, and you can even set up alert events so the right people are notified as your spaces approach max capacity. These notifications can be sent as an email or as a push notification to your mobile device.

How to set up users who will get capacity alerts
You can easily add users to get automated alerts at certain capacity levels.

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