NOVEMBER 30, 2023

Dive into Kisi’s 2024 roadmap

Join us on December 5 for a sneak peek at Kisi's 2024 roadmap. Also, explore new features designed to make your operations even smoother.

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Join our exclusive webinar and take a deep-dive into our 2024 roadmap!

Updated on November 30, 2023

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As we approach the year's end, we're delighted to invite you to our upcoming webinar. Join us on December 5th for an in-depth reveal of the Kisi roadmap for next year. Additionally, explore newly added features designed to enhance your daily operations.

Webinar: Save the date for exclusive insights on Kisi's 2024 vision

Join our webinar on December 5th for a deep-dive in the Kisi 2024 roadmap!

Gain exclusive insights into Kisi’s latest innovations to realize your 2024 business goals with our vision. Join Co-founders Bernhard Mehl and Carl Pfeiffer in unveiling the product roadmap.

Date: December 5th, 11:00 EST

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Quickly review user access patterns with enhanced analytics

Improved user analytics view.

We enhanced the user analytics view to provide admins with an even more detailed overview of user access behavior. Admins can now:

  • Track the typical arrival times of individual users
  • Monitor the number of days they've been present in the last 90 days
  • See a detailed breakdown of the user's daily attendance

Read the docs to learn more

Easily monitor primary device changes

You can now configure alerts for Primary device changes.

Alert policies help you spot specific issues in your system and make sure the right team members are notified about them. Recently, we added an alert possibility when a user changes their Primary device within the same Kisi account. This helps you to swiftly address potential security concerns by identifying when a user is using an unusual mobile device to unlock Kisi-secured doors.

Read the docs to learn more

Receive any kind of Kisi report directly in your inbox with Report schedules

Receive any kind of Kisi report directly in your inbox with Report schedules

Did you know? You can set up report schedules to automatically send any kind of Kisi report directly to the right people in a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence.

Read the docs to learn more

Cisco Meraki & Kisi: Optimizing physical security through automation

Read our guest blog on Cisco Meraki's website

Explore our guest blog on the Cisco Meraki website, where we delve into the transformative impact of automation on physical security processes. Discover advancements in access control, smart surveillance, incident response, and integrated security operations.

Read the blog

Let's play guess who

Meet the faces of Kisi! In our 'Guess Who?' game, we're interviewing one of our team members, and it's your turn to guess who they are based on their answers. Click the link at the end of the interview to see if you've got it right. Have fun getting to know the Kisi team.

  1. Where are you right now?
    New York City! Specifically, in Maspeth, Queens.
  2. Which software do you use most during the work day?
    Hubspot - it's our CRM where we manage all of our leads and opportunities.
  3. Tell us your favorite Kisi feature.
    Kisi's Open API - we have several clients and partners building custom integrated solutions and it's awesome to see all of the unique use cases Kisi fits into.
  4. Do you have a favorite word in another language?
    'Masarap' - means delicious or tasty in Tagalog (Philippine language) - I'm half Filipino and we're big foodies. Growing up, I was surrounded by lots of amazing food, especially around the holidays, which I would always hear described as 'masarap' :)
  5. Your favorite recipe?
    I went to New Orleans in elementary school, and fell in love with the signature beignets at Cafe du Monde. You can't really beat their freshly fried dough topped with powdered sugar, however, typically once a year I have a craving for beignets and order their mix to make at home. There are also several recipes online including this one.
  6. Share a picture of your pet.
    Meet my dog, Cooper. He is a 12-year old Shih Tzu.
Meet Cooper, the dog

Reveal the answer

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