Get real-time information about your Kisi environment by using event webhooks


February 24, 2022

We recently introduced filters for event webhooks. This allows you to configure your own custom integrations into a nearly unlimited number of third-party collaboration systems.

Webhook filters allow Kisi Admins to receive webhook events for specific event types only. This means that your subscribed endpoints will receive only those webhook events that you are actually interested in. For example, you might want to build an integration on top of our webhooks to:

  • Set up notifications in your team chat app, either in a public channel or as a private message.
  • Create rows in Google Spreadsheets for every new card assigned to members
  • Push data to your SIEM software
Create event webhook integration in Kisi

To start using event webhooks, navigate to your Organization setup > Integration > Add integration. Open the Type drop-down menu and select Event Webhook.

Here, you’ll just have to specify your integration’s name, the URL where the event will be added, and add the Signature key. By opening the Event type drop-down menu you can specify which event you want your endpoint to listen to.

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