APRIL 30, 2024

Integrate Kisi with Splunk

Unlock advanced access control analytics by integrating Kisi with Splunk.

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Kisi splunk integration update

Updated on April 30, 2024

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Integrate Kisi with Splunk for enhanced access control analytics

Kisi splunk integration update

Facility usage data and user behavior insights are crucial to get a full picture of your space. Now, alongside access control events, you can tap into comprehensive analytics with Splunk. The Kisi x Splunk integration allows security administrators to:

  • Enhance security measures by identifying vulnerabilities such as forced or held doors and incidents of hardware tampering.
  • Assess entry traffic patterns by aggregating access events and monitoring door usage.
  • Make informed decisions regarding optimum space utilization by monitoring space occupancy.

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First to arrive schedules now available on mobile

first to arrive schedules on mobile

With First to arrive schedules, you ensure that Unlock schedules activate only when at least one authorized user is physically present. Use them to:

  • Postpone a planned Unlock schedule until the first authorized unlock at the Kisi reader
  • Terminate an active Unlock schedule earlier as the last person departs the facility.

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New integration partnership: VORTEX by VIVOTEK

kisi vivotek integration

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with VORTEX by VIVOTEK. The integration between Kisi and VIVOTEK’s VORTEX enables customers to intuitively monitor access and identity on the VORTEX portal in real-time. It also supports the detection of unusual activities with video analytics, providing instant notifications.

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Case study: KAYAK

Kisi KAYAK case study quote

Read how KAYAK, the world’s leading travel search engine, enhances employee experience and bolsters security with Kisi.

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