MARCH 28, 2024

Join us at Kisi Connect | Integrate Kisi with Zoom

Learn about our integration with Zoom, check out our new Visitor Management feature and revamped web app navigation, and join us at Kisi Connect!

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Kisi Connect

Updated on March 28, 2024

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Learn about our integration with Zoom, enabling automatic sharing and revoking of physical access to booked rooms in Zoom Workspaces. Plus, check out our new Visitor Management feature and revamped web app navigation. Join us on April 4th at Kisi Connect to be the first to hear about an exciting, upcoming launch. 

Join us at Kisi Connect

Kisi Connect

On April 4th, our CEO, Bernie Mehl, will unveil our latest release at Kisi Connect in Downtown New York City. Can you guess what it is? Hint: We're launching it in partnership with one of the world's leading tech companies. Limited tickets are still available. Get one now!

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Zoom: Automatically share and revoke access to booked rooms

Kisi x Zoom

As an admin, ensuring seamless access to scheduled rooms is a top priority. With Kisi, you can efficiently tackle this task with two straightforward options:

  • Group links: Allow participants to unlock doors with a simple tap on their device. These links remain active for the duration of the meeting, allowing seamless access for all attendees.
  • Check-Ins: Automatically unlock doors as soon as one participant checks into the room. And for added security, the door locks itself upon check-out or when the meeting concludes, ensuring only authorized individuals have access.

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Easily manage access for guests with our new Visitor Management feature

visitor management

As an organization admin, now you can easily share access, keep tabs on past and upcoming visitors, and revoke access as needed—all in one convenient location within our web app. Our brand-new Visitor Management feature is currently in beta, and we're eager to hear your feedback!

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Introducing our revamped web app navigation

Kisi web app navigation

We've revamped our navigation design to enhance convenience and streamline everyday tasks, ensuring you never feel lost again in the Kisi web app. With a sleek new sidebar, you can swiftly navigate between organizations and places. Plus, enjoy updated menus for both organizations and places, along with a convenient new settings menu.

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6 top emerging security technology trends for 2024

kisi blog

Get a good understanding of the security tech landscape, including the 2024 trends and innovations. Discover how to future-proof your security setup.

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guess who

Meet the faces of Kisi! In our 'Guess Who?' game, we're interviewing one of our team members, and it's your turn to guess who they are based on their answers. Click the link at the end of the interview to see if you've got it right. Have fun getting to know the Kisi team.

  1. Where are you right now?
    Somewhere in Stockholm.
  2. Which software do you use most during the work day?
    Google Chrome.
  3. Tell us your favorite Kisi feature?
    MotionSense - it allows me to unlock doors with a simple wave of the hand, without the need to actively use my mobile.
  4. Share a security tip you swear by.
    Always use strong and randomized passwords.
  5. Do you have a favorite word in another language?
    屢試不爽 - In Mandarin Chinese, it is pronounced "lǚ shì bù shuǎng" and it translates into "it works every time".
  6. Your favorite TED talk?
    I found this the other day: How to find a wonderful idea | OK Go
  7. Your favorite recipe?
    Flying Jacob - a Swedish casserole composed of chicken, cream, chilli sauce, bananas, roasted peanuts and bacon.

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