Store important user-related information directly in Kisi with the new Notes field


February 23, 2022

A tiny but mighty feature is coming to our web app: the Notes field will allow Kisi Admins to add important administrative notes directly to their users’ page.

As a Kisi Admin, sometimes you want to store additional information about your users. Things like long-term vacations, parental leave, or other special circumstances affecting users' current statuses. Formerly, maintaining this information required off-platform solutions (no judgment here for those of you still using post-its). With the Notes field now you can track this directly on the users page in the Kisi dashboard.

To add notes, just navigate to Users, and select a user. You can store other types of info here: contact details, notes, IDs in external systems not directly integrated with Kisi, mandatory health checks and more.

The Notes field in Kisi

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