MARCH 24, 2022

Unlock doors with Kisi on your Apple Watch

With Kisi you can unlock doors directly via your Apple Watch without having to actively use your iPhone.

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Kisi on Apple Watch

Updated on March 28, 2022

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Touchless access control is the new normal. We expect technology to provide us with greater convenience, enhanced security and even potential protection from COVID-19 by limiting contact with shared devices.

The Kisi feature portfolio resonates very well with this trend. We offer touchless and frictionless access to facilities through various mobile credentials, including:

  • Tap to Unlock (with or without Secondary Authentication) allows you to unlock doors by tapping your mobile device against the Kisi Reader
  • Tap in-app allows you to unlock doors from within the Kisi app
  • MotionSense allows you to unlock doors with a wave of your hand

As a fourth option, you can open doors with your Apple Watch.

Kisi on Apple Watch

Access control you don't need to think about

Kisi on Apple Watch is a phone-free option to easily unlock doors in your facility. It’s a practical solution, especially when you forgot your phone at the office, or when you don’t want to take it out of your bag.

How does it work?

To use this feature, first you need to download the Kisi app directly to your Apple Watch via the App Store. Alternatively, you can install it in the Watch app on your iPhone.

Once you open the app, you’ll find a list of your places on the watch screen. If you have access to more than one place, the nearest place will be pre-selected on opening the app.

Kisi Places on Apple Watch

This means, you’ll instantly see which doors are available. Also, a list of your favorite doors will appear on the top, marked by a star. Just tap the door you want to unlock.

See doors in the Apple Watch

Please note: doors that have Reader restriction enabled are not supported by the Apple Watch app.

Get started now!

The latest versions of the Kisi app support Apple Watch. Apps that have a Watch companion app from your iPhone are being automatically installed.

If you have questions about setting up Kisi on your Apple Watch, read our Help article here.

We’d love to know what you think!

Is there anything you would like to see in our Apple Watch app that is not yet there? Please share your thoughts with us at so we can make Kisi even better.

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