APRIL 28, 2023

What's new at Kisi: April 2023

Use MotionSense on Android, view user logins, sign out active sessions, receive automatic alerts when a door is held open - and more exciting news!

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Kisi MotionSense

Updated on May 04, 2023

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Based on popular demand, we are thrilled to announce that MotionSense is now coming to Android, bringing added convenience to your access control experience. Also, admins can now view users’ logins and sign out active sessions for enhanced security on both the web and mobile apps.

MotionSense coming to Android devices

MotionSense on the Kisi Android app

MotionSense allows you to unlock doors with a wave of your hand. We've heard your requests for this feature on Android and are thrilled to announce its arrival.

Also, with this update Kisi will allow unlocks for devices that do not have NFC. For these devices, the Tap to Unlock credential will be performed using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

MotionSense on Android will be generally available in 14 days from this announcement. Get ready for a seamless access experience.

Read the docs to learn more

View users' logins and sign out active sessions

Log out users active sessions

Kisi admins can now easily view and manually sign out users' active logins on both the web and mobile apps. This comes in handy, especially if someone loses their phone or for any other unexpected situations.

Read the docs to learn more

New reader buzzer to alert when a door is held open

Held open buzzer on the Kisi Reader Pro 2

Our latest update allows admins to enable a buzzer sound when a door is held open. If enabled, a sound will play from the reader whenever the door is held open, alerting those nearby and ensuring your facility's security is never compromised.

Read the docs to learn more

Tips and tricks

  • Import low-frequency RFID credentials into Kisi via the web UI

Admins can now save time by directly importing low-frequency RFID credentials into Kisi via the web UI. This convenient feature streamlines the credential management process for a more efficient workflow.

  • Enable password authentication for users, directly from mobile

Admins can now enable password authentication for individual users directly from mobile, making it convenient for organizations with SSO enabled. This feature allows users who cannot go through the SSO process to sign in to Kisi effortlessly.

  • Pause all organization-wide emails from Kisi

As a Kisi admin, you have the ability to temporarily pause all organization-wide emails from Kisi until the system is ready to use. Once everything is set up, you can easily re-enable emails, which can be helpful during the onboarding process.

New video-enabled lineup in Kisi

Kisi video management

We’ve announced our new video-enabled lineup, adding advanced video features to Kisi. This expansion aims to provide enhanced security and convenience for businesses of all sizes, making access control even more robust and efficient.

Read the press release

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