AUGUST 31, 2022

What's New at Kisi

Discover why the recently launched Kisi Controller Pro 2 is a game changer, and read about further improved admin features.

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The new Kisi Controller Pro 2

Updated on October 03, 2022

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Welcome to this month's What's New at Kisi. We’re thrilled to introduce the much-awaited Kisi Controller Pro 2. Discover it below, and learn about further improved admin features, too.

Kisi’s Wiegand compatible access control system is here

The Kisi Controller Pro 2 is the first controller that brings our best-in-class access control solution to more sites around the world.

Controller Pro 2

Why is the Controller Pro 2 a game changer?

  • Maximum value at minimum cost

The Controller Pro 2 allows customers to modernize their access control system while re-using their legacy readers, wiring, and credentials – no need to pull cables. Due to the low upfront costs, customers can secure even more doors for the same price.

  • Fast and easy installation

Thanks to the plug-and-play concept, the Controller Pro 2 is extremely easy to install. Simply plug it in, power it up, and configure it in our cloud dashboard within minutes to save time and money.

  • Scales without limits

Built on an enterprise-grade cloud architecture, with support for unlimited locations, and remote management with granular permissions, Kisi scales without limits.

Read the announcement blog to learn more

More control for organization managers

We’ve heard your feedback and decided to give more control to organization access managers. Now they can activate and deactivate credentials on behalf of their users.

Card activation by organization managers

Learn more about ‘Roles’ in Kisi, or see how to activate credentials.

Further improved user reports

During a quarterly user audit, you might want to get an instant overview of all users in your environment that have their access suspended. Our recently improved user reports allow you to quickly filter users by access status.

Further improved user reports in Kisi

Read the docs

Know exactly who is onsite

Using Kisi readers for checkout gives you even more precise information on who is currently present at your facility, who has left, and when. This can be helpful in case of emergencies, for example.

In-and-Out Tracking in Kisi

Read the docs

We’d love to know what you think

Are there any features you would like added to Kisi? Please share your thoughts with us at so we can make Kisi even better.

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