JANUARY 31, 2023

What's new at Kisi: January 2023

We now support legacy keypad readers, added a weekly view to schedules, and have some noteworthy improvements that you will find particularly useful.

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Kisi now supports legacy keypad readers

Updated on March 21, 2023

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We now support legacy keypad readers. It’s the right time to leave the past behind and open the door to the future. We have also added a new weekly view to schedules. Now you can easily visualize when your doors are locked or unlocked. Lastly, we have some noteworthy improvements that you will find particularly useful.

Upgrade your access control game, and let's make the world a safer and more connected place in 2023.

The Controller Pro 2 now supports legacy keypad readers

Kisi now supports legacy keypad readers

Our recently launched Controller Pro 2 with the Wiegand board add-on allows us to support a wide variety of legacy reader models. To further extend the list, we’re introducing support for legacy keypad readers, too.

  • Easily connect your keypad reader to the Wiegand board
  • Set up a PIN code
  • Unlock doors by entering your PIN to the keypad reader

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Weekly view for unlock and access schedules

Now we provide a weekly view for schedules

Last month we added Exceptions (also known as Holiday schedules) to our Unlock and Access schedule features. We’re now introducing the weekly view to help admins better visualize these and see when exactly a schedule will be overridden by exceptions.

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Automatically notify users for every kind of access shared

Notify users on access shared

As an admin or access manager, you can now specify if an automatic email with login instructions should be sent to the user upon sharing access. Emails are enabled by default.

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Track user activity on the go

User activity on mobile

Are you using the Kisi mobile admin features yet? You can, for example, view presence stats under the User Activity feature. This is especially convenient during emergencies, as it allows you to stay on top of who has unlocked doors and when.

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Send temporary access links using the Kisi API

Send access links via the Kisi API

You can now use the Kisi API to send access links and allow visitors or temporary staff to unlock doors in your building without having to sign up for a Kisi account or download the mobile apps. Depending on your needs, you can either.

  • Send access links via automated emails
  • Send access links via customized emails
  • Fetch doors to create custom landing pages

Read the API guide

Welcome to our Reddit community

Kisi subreddit

The Kisi subreddit is now open to all access control aficionados. No matter if you’re a silent scroller or want to be the loudest person on the thread, join us to discover engaging threads and stimulating conversations.

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