What's new at Kisi: June 2023


June 29, 2023

Kisi product newsletter June

We're thrilled to introduce WebAuthn, bringing secure web-based authentication to SSO-enabled organizations. Plus, explore the newly redesigned iOS app and brace yourself as Kisi is on its way to Google's Wear OS app.

WebAuthn for secure web-based authentication


We're thrilled to announce that both our web and mobile apps now support WebAuthn. With this update, SSO-enabled organizations can enjoy seamless sign-in to Kisi using biometrics and other supported authenticators.

Note: To use it, please ensure that your identity provider has WebAuthn configured.

Read the docs to learn more

Introducing the newly redesigned Kisi iOS app

Redesigned Kisi iOS app

Experience a fresh and intuitive user interface that aligns with the latest trends, providing an enhanced and modern visual appearance. Discover the sleek design and seamless navigation as we bring you an updated look for our iOS app.

Read the docs to learn more

Coming soon: Kisi on your Wear OS app

Kisi coming soon to Wear OS

Your request has been heard! Kisi is coming soon to Google's Wear OS app. This update will allow users to unlock doors effortlessly on their Android wearable, no phone needed. Stay tuned for the release and enjoy seamless access from your wrist.

Tips and tricks
  • Allow users to unlock doors with just a wave of the hand

MotionSense is a mobile credential technology integrated into the Kisi Reader Pro 2, working on both iOS and Android. Enable it now and let your team breeze through secured areas without hassle.

  • Easily override scheduled unlocks during holidays

Do you use Unlock schedules to keep a door unlocked during a defined period? If yes, remember to set Unlock schedule exceptions to increase facility security by overriding previously set schedules during holiday events in your region.

  • Instantly see who has which role in the organization

The Access Rights overview page in the left hand navigation gives a quick overview of who has which role in your organization. Use it to:
- Simplify audits by instantly seeing who has which role in the organization
- See roles by organization, place, and group level
- Quickly find people by filtering by role