What's new at Kisi: May 2023


May 31, 2023

Enhance your security measures by quickly identifying and addressing compromised wiring. Plus, soon we'll make our web app available in German and Spanish, so you can enjoy a more inclusive and seamless experience no matter where you are.

Kisi can now detect compromised wiring

Detect compromised wiring with Kisi

Kisi now offers enhanced configuration options for detecting cut or short statuses in your wiring. These critical events will be conveniently displayed in the Events history as Controller tampered events, providing you with immediate visibility into any tampering attempts. 

Enable Kisi to detect compromised wiring when configuring contact sensors or request-to-exit devices

Coming soon: Kisi in German and Spanish languages

Kisi soon in German and Spanish

With an upcoming release, our web app will be available in German and Spanish languages. With this update, we aim to provide a more inclusive and seamless experience for our users worldwide.

Tips and tricks

Use Kisi Intrusion Detection with your existing alarm system

Did you know that if you already have an alarm system in place, you can integrate it with Kisi's Intrusion Detection to get Kisi access control on top of it?

  • Benefit from the most forward-thinking access control system while keeping your existing alarm setup.
  • Monitor and register unauthorized entries and secure door scheduling.
  • Minimize manual alarm-related operations and reduce false positive alerts.

Allow visitors to unlock doors in your facility with access links

By sending access links you can allow visitors or temporary staff to unlock doors in your place without having to sign up for a Kisi account or download the mobile apps.

Enable fast visual verification of unlock, held open, and forced open events

You can combine Kisi with intelligent video monitoring systems like Camio to enable real-time insights and fast visual verification of unlock, held open, and forced open events.

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