SEPTEMBER 30, 2022

What's new at Kisi: September 2022

Transitioning to Kisi 2.0 marks a new milestone in Kisi's history. Read our reflections on this growth journey and discover the newest admin features.

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Kisi 2.0 is enterprise ready

Updated on October 03, 2022

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Transitioning to Kisi 2.0 marks another milestone in the history of our company. We owe it to our valued integration partners, customers, and amazing team. Kick-start the pumpkin spice season with our September newsletter.

Migration to Kisi 2.0: A new milestone in Kisi’s evolution

Kisi Organizations is made for the enterprises.

We’re migrating the last few Kisi Standard customers to Kisi Organizations, the next generation of our software. Reaching this milestone, we wanted to take some time and reflect on where we started, how far we’ve come, and thank the partners and customers who were part of our growth journey.

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See the busiest time for a specific door

Place activity heatmap can be filtered by door.

You can now filter the Place activity heatmap by door to see the number of unlocks for a specific door. Click on the slots to be redirected to the events that happened in that time slot.

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Mark Places as favorites to access them easily

Make places as favorites to find them easier

Now you can find specific places quicker by marking them as favorites.

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Reminder: Define granular access rights for different user types

New roles in Kisi

Earlier this year, we redesigned roles in Kisi to give you fine-grained control over what your users can see and do:

Organization-level roles allow you to share more granular access rights for resources that affect your entire Kisi organization.

Place level-roles allow you to manage facilities separately while maintaining a unified user list.

✓ Group-level roles only allow users to operate on the resources of a specific group.

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