Kisi academy

What's Kisi Academy?

The educational product publication for office security and technology.

The Kisi Academy Story

After speaking with thousands of people looking for modern security for their buildings, we realized that the underlying problem was one of understanding, and learning: IT and office managers don’t generally know what to look for. In an effort to educate our customers and readers about physical security, we started what we are now calling the “Kisi Academy”—an open forum for physical security and workplace technology classes. Armed with the knowledge here, we aim to inspire workplace leaders to make more informed decisions about their physical security.

What is the Academy Page, and how is it different?

The academy page is formatted as a slew of free classes offered in blog format, and written by subject experts. The authors are generally Kisi employees and frequently feature cutting-edge office technologies as concrete examples. The classes include use-case and product oriented articles in an easy to follow yet in-depth format.

Currently, there is no publication focused on teaching workplace technology concepts from a technical side. The more technical how-to guides out there are often written for Linux admins, and come in PDF form generally as part of an instruction manual, making it difficult to find what you are looking for. The alternative would be wikipedia, but that is more focused on factual reporting, and given that anyone can edit, its credibility is not what you may be looking for.

In marketing, sales, and customer success there are countless educational product outlets, so why not have one for office security and technology?

Who is this Page For?

If you are passionate about access control, jazzed about physical security, or just want to learn more, then this page is for you! Generally, this page is optimized for:

  • Professionals looking to grow their skills in office technology as it relates to security
  • IT and office managers who are evaluating new techs for their space
  • Any Kisi customers looking to understand more about potential use-cases and features they are not yet leveraging

Who are we?

We are Kisi, leaders in future-proof access control and physical security. We provide this publication to help educate the next workplace leaders who are technological minded needing to grow beyond managing an office and team culture.

If we default to Kisi examples too often let us know and we’d love to feature you!

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