Access Control in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles

Safety rating

47 out of 100

Business safety in Los Angeles

According to data from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), common crimes that could impact your business or the safety of people inside include theft, burglary, robbery, vandalism, fraud, assault, and property crime.

Commercial access control in Los Angeles

Given the prevalence of crimes such as theft, burglary, robbery, and vandalism, commercial access control is crucial for businesses to safeguard their assets, protect employees and customers, and maintain a secure environment.
By implementing a robust access control system, LA-based businesses can take proactive steps in mitigating security challenges, substantially lowering the risk of incidents that may disrupt operations and jeopardize people's safety.

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Benefits of access control in Los Angeles

Improved security

Addressing concerns over theft, burglary, and vandalism in LA, access control systems can play a crucial role in enhancing the security of a building.

Restricted access

Ensuring restricted access is an important step to take for any building in an urban setting. Access control empowers businesses to govern entry, granting access solely to authorized personnel in specified areas.

Enhanced employee safety

Access control acts as a solution in mitigating the risks associated with unauthorized entry and prioritizes the safety of personnel. Additionally, it helps to monitor individuals' movements and cultivates a safer and more secure work environment for everyone.

Safest areas for businesses

Certain neighborhoods in Los Angeles have long been acknowledged as safe havens for businesses, primarily due to their lower crime rates and favorable business environment. Many companies select these areas for their operations, valuing their stability, ease of accessibility, and positive reputation in the community. An upscale neighborhood on the west side, Brentwood is known for its low crime rates and attractive commercial areas. West Los Angeles includes neighborhoods like Mar Vista and Palms, which have been considered relatively safe and have seen significant commercial development. A newer neighborhood on the west side, Playa Vista is known for its tech industry presence and modern commercial spaces. Though primarily residential, Manhattan Beach has seen business growth and is known for its safety and affluence. Located northeast of downtown LA, Pasadena is a vibrant city with a thriving business community and relatively lower crime rates.

Top business sectors in Los Angeles

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the most popular type of businesses in LA are the following:

Education and health services
Trade, transportation, and utilities
Professional and business services
Leisure and hospitality

Los Angeles neighborhoods where access control is critical

For business owners in the LA area, understanding neighborhoods with lower safety and security ratings is important to safeguard their businesses, employees, and assets. In these areas, implementing access control is a critical measure to enhance security and ensure a safe environment. Certain LA neighborhoods stand out as particularly crucial for access control due to their security considerations, including:

South Central

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    Historically, South Central Los Angeles has faced challenges related to crime and socioeconomic disparities, which could impact the business environment in some areas.


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    Compton has had higher crime rates in the past, leading to considerations about safety for businesses operating in this area.


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    Watts is another neighborhood that has experienced higher crime rates and has been perceived as less safe for businesses.

Boyle Heights

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    Boyle Heights has faced challenges when it comes to criminal activity, which might influence perceptions about its suitability for businesses.


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    Pacoima has had its share of crime-related challenges, which may have influenced perceptions about safety for businesses.