Access Control in Seattle

Information on the purchasing and installing of access control systems in the Seattle area.


Safety rating

46 out of 100

Business safety in Seattle

According to the Seattle Police Department, common crimes that could impact your business or your employee’s safety include theft, burglary, assault, robbery, and arson.

Commercial access control in Seattle

Business owners in Seattle should consider access control to protect their spaces. Physical access control helps commercial buildings ensure that entrances and exits are accessible only to authorized personnel.

Get matched with an access control installer in Seattle

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Benefits of access control in Seattle

Enhanced security

To protect your commercial assets, it is important to enhance the security of your property through measures like access control. Access control plays a pivotal role in bolstering security by providing a robust approach to managing access.

Restricted access

Seattle's population has been steadily growing, leading to increased urban development and a dynamic mix of neighborhoods. Seattle businesses should restrict access to their buildings through access control policies.

Employee safety

According to the Seattle Police Department, violent crime reached a 15-year high in 2022. With an access control system, you can protect the safety and security of employees when they are at work.

Safest areas for businesses in Seattle

Certain neighborhoods in Seattle have long been acknowledged as safer areas for businesses, primarily due to their lower crime rates and favorable business environment. Many companies opt for these areas, valuing their stability, ease of accessibility, and positive reputation in the community. Downtown Seattle offers a bustling urban environment with a mix of retail, office spaces, and tourist attractions. It attracts a high volume of foot traffic and provides excellent visibility for businesses. South Lake Union has experienced significant growth in recent years, particularly in the tech and biotech industries. Ballard has a strong sense of community and a thriving arts and restaurant scene and a more laid-back and neighborhood-centric atmosphere. Finally, Pioneer Square is filled with historic charm and a mix of businesses, including galleries, boutiques, and eateries.

Top business sectors in Seattle

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the most popular type of businesses in Seattle are the following:

Professional and business services
Trade, transportation, and utilities
Education and health services
Leisure and hospitality

Seattle neighborhoods where access control is recommended

The following neighborhoods have a low safety and security rating in the Seattle area. This means if you operate a business in any of these neighborhoods, ensuring your property is protected with a reliable access control solution is a recommended step in maintaining the safety of your employees and assets.

Rainier Beach

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    Rainier Beach has faced safety challenges related to property crimes and violent offenses in the past.

South Park

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    This neighborhood has had issues with property crimes and other offenses, impacting its safety and security rating.


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    Belltown has faced crime-related challenges, including property crimes and theft.

Pioneer Square

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    While Pioneer Square has seen revitalization efforts, it has had safety concerns in the past due to property crimes and other offenses.

Aurora Avenue (Highway 99 corridor)

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    The area along Aurora Avenue has had higher crime rates and safety challenges in certain sections.