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Kisi makes it easier to access your office securely. Not only do we eliminate keys for your employees, we help you maintain security control over who has access to each area of your premises. With fewer interruptions for everyone, it all adds up to a positive work experience.

Our cloud management dashboard allows you to know who accessed which doors at what time. Access management is also made easy by typing in an email address, or even simpler with our member management integrations. No more guessing where are your fobs and key cards, or if anyone has unauthorized access — we help you maintain control as you expand operations.

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Undeniably, Melbourne ranks among the top commercial centres in the world today, with numerous manufacturing, IT, logistics industries rampant across the city. To keep pace with the demands of the business, and to stay relevant in the industry, the advanced cloud-based security systems have become indispensable. As opposed to printed identity cards and physical documents, mobile access control offers a more convenient experience for both employees and security personnel, as the access is regulated and managed in the cloud.

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After a certified local Kisi installer visits your office for a site walk-through, our Kisi security specialist will work with you to build a custom access control system that fits your business needs.

Once the order is confirmed and Kisi devices are shipped to you, you'll be connected with a dedicated Kisi installation specialist to address any questions that you might have during the installation. After installation, you'll be able to setup your account, create doors, and start issuing keys!

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