With Kisi, users can simply unlock doors from their mobile phone—no more fumbling with keycards or fobs. On the management end, admins have a clear view of which individual or  group of people accessed each Kisi-connected door in their office—along with any time or day restrictions applicable to that individual or group.

We've not only made it easier to access offices, but we've also enhanced security at the same time. Simply share, revoke or modify access rights of a particular person or group of people from our cloud management dashboard.

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Regain Full Control the Easy Way

Discover what makes Kisi the most advanced cloud access control solution.

Now you might be wondering if installing Kisi is as easy as using it. Here's how simple it is to get Kisi:

1) A Kisi installer will do a site-visit at your office upon request

2) Our Kisi security specialist will work with you to construct a custom access control system plan

3) When the Kisi products have arrived, a dedicated Kisi installer will reach out to you to arrange for installation

Wasn't that simple?

After installation, you'll be able to create your Kisi account, and begin issuing 'keys' to everyone!

Mobile access the Kisi way

Join the best access control system management from the comfort of your phone

To be connected with the best local installer, contact us at sales@getkisi.com.

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