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Lenel: Access Control Review and Pricing

Company Overview

As a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, Lenel provides standard and enterprise access control software and integrated solutions based on the OnGuard Access model. The software is accessible from a web browser and does not require mandatory hardware installation on behalf of the customer.

Because it provides scalable solutions with the possibility of migration, interoperability and integration tools, Lenel is best suited for large corporations and manufacturing companies. Mobile access is enabled for Android, iOS and Blackberry OS, and can receive and acknowledge alarms in all areas equipped with wireless connection. The mobile app is integrated with OnGuard permissions, segmentation access, and monitoring zone assignments. It comes with reporting capabilities on specific mobile devices and contains the ability to search for hardware units, such as readers and cameras. Live video viewing is enabled no matter where the user is located if there is a WiFi connection available.

Lenel Hardware

Lenel manufactures the following hardware, which can be used on its own or as part of a bigger, more complex system:

  • OnGuard Video
  • ID Identity Management
  • OnGuard Visitor
  • Biometrics and Smart Cards
  • Integration Tools
  • OnGuard Intelligent Video
  • OnGuard Mobile Monitoring

Major Features

Lenel hardware components include dual-verification keypads and readers, controllers, modules, accessories and the ILS intelligent locking system. Both web-based cloud access and mobile access are components of Lenel OnGuard enterprise access control solutions. The cloud-enabled browser can be installed in more than six languages and accessed from multiple internet-enabled platforms. Lenel OnGuard access software also includes an OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP), a solution for manufacturers that want to develop a software interface for OnGuard; as well as third-party integrations with Traka (intelligent access control provider; Iris ID (iris recognition); Allegion (door security and workforce productivity); and EasyLobby (visitor management system).

Lenel works on all mobile devices using bluetooth technology. Various Lenel readers are available as Blue Diamond mobile readers (Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy), proximity readers, magstripes and keypads, smart card and multi-technology readers.

Lenel OnGuard platform controllers are available in three series: Access series, Security series and Lenel M series, including one or more Intelligent System Controllers, as well as specific Reader Interface Modules, Input Modules, and Output Modules. They enable multiple reader technology support based on Wiegand, Magstripe, OSDP and Supervised F2F technology.

Advantages of Lenel

  • Easy monitoring: It’s easy to use the mobile app or any browser to check in on a facility, monitoring for any disruptions or events.
  • Scalability: Companies today are often concerned with scaling their business. Accomplishing this with Lenel’s access control system is very possible and not too expensive.
  • Tailored service: Each customer gets a customized migration plan adjusted to an appropriate time frame in all phases of the service provision. It’s an extra step that underscores a commitment to the customer.

Disadvantages of Lenel

  • Early cloud software: The cloud-based system that Lenel uses is still growing, so it’s likely that there will be some technical issues with this capability.
  • Limited reports: Reporting capabilities are available only on specific mobile devices, not on all of them. This could be a problem for certain high-security workplaces.
  • High training costs: Users can expect a large bill for the high cost of training Lenel operators, and that’s not even including potential travel costs. It’s something to consider when choosing to get started with the product.


Lenel is a great solution for many of today’s companies, especially large ones. It’s a great way to implement access control easily and in a way that is scalable, which is incredibly important. It’s a high-quality product, but its price is also steep.

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