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Assa Abloy Seos Mobile Access Control

SEOS is the mobile credential brand of Assa Abloy. It's credentials are used mainly in HID products.

Assa Abloy

Assa Abloy is one of the leading access control service providers based in Europe. The company was established through the merger of Assa and Abloy companies in 1994. Assa Abloy Seos® is a flagship access control solution powered by professional level hardware and software products. The operation of the company is spread across North America, China, Europe, South America and Oceana.

Seos Access Control Products

Seos® access control is a cutting-edge technology platform powered by a wide range of homegrown as well as third-party hardware and software products. Seos Access control solutions include residential, hospitality and enterprise solutions. The main products that SEOS access control system use in its solutions are listed below.

- HID smart cards

- Authentication appliances

- Validation responder appliances

- Single door/multi door access controllers

- Electromechanical locks

- Electronic & digital door locks

- Contactless card readers

- Contact card readers

- Biometric readers

- Proximity readers

- PoE enabled controllers

- Card printers

- Multiple software management platforms and mobile apps

It is important to note that: Seos supports third-party hardware to integrate with the downstream interface in the access controllers to integrate existing access control system.

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Seos Access Control System

“An all-in-one access control solution based on IoT principles and powered by cutting-edge technologies, applications and hardware equipment.”

Salient Features of Seos System

Seos keeps a close eye on the emerging technologies and innovative ideas related to security so that mission critical security solutions can be provided to the customers. To achieve high customer satisfaction, Seos strives to offer high quality features and capabilities in its comprehensive cloud access control solutions.

Custom Solutions: Seos platform is a unified platform that integrates numerous hardware and software appliances and tools, which can be customized to provide customer oriented solutions to diverse clients in the marketplace. IoT Technology: Seos keeps pace with the latest technologies and modern business concepts by adopting "internet of things" ideologies in its solutions. It uses a wide range of IP-based products that are NFC, Bluetooth, and wireless enabled along with traditional capabilities. Openness with Robust Security: Seos cloud access control is open to integrating with other third-party hardware and tools, while maintaining a high level of security and reliability. It uses latest security technologies to make access control fully robust and reliable.Global Footprints: Seos cloud access control solutions are offered through IoT powered by IP based mobile apps and management software platform. The customer support is available across all major regions of the world.

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Does it support cloud/mobile components?

Yes, it does. Seos cloud access control system supports both cloud and mobile components through an IoT network.

How does mobile access work?

Seos supports iOS and Android applications, which can be assigned digital keys from the main software platform. The mobile applications are installed on mobile devices and authenticated through valid credentials. Once verified and dynamic digital key assigned, bring your mobile device close to door lock readers/keypad to scan the digital key. The key is verified from the central management system and access is granted.

When to Choose Seos ACS System

Seos is a unified cloud access control solution, which can be used by all kinds of customers such as: enterprises, commercial places, shops, hotels, educational institutes, residential buildings, warehouses and office buildings. If you are any one of them, Seos might be the best fit for you!

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