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Best Cannabis Security Companies

With legal marijuana retails on the rise, high revenues make dispensaries an ideal target for theft. Finding quality sec

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best cannabis security companies

Updated on December 01, 2022

Written by Bernhard Mehl

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With legal marijuana retails on the rise, high revenues make dispensaries an ideal target for theft. Finding quality security companies to protect your dispensaries and growing facilities is essential. It will help to safeguard your revenue and ensure compliance with relevant standards.

Security for cannabis retailers comes in many forms ranging from surveillance to armored guards and trucks. Selecting a cannabis security company that covers all of your business needs is a must for any dispensary.

To assist marijuana retailers in their pursuit to find a reliable security company, we have compiled a list of the best cannabis security companies. Although not all of these services will be available in every region, it should be able to guide you in your next steps to make an informed decision.

1. Helix Security #

Helix security provides a logical and comprehensive approach to security. The company offers fully-customized security systems catered to the specific needs of each cannabis dispensary. Their features include everything from trained security guards to digital security systems with video surveillance, alarm systems, access control, and more.

The company also employs military and law enforcement operators. This can provide a greater dimension of surety and protection to your on-site dispensary. In the unfortunate event that an incident does take place, be rest assured that Helix will provide investigative services to speedily solve the case.

2. Brickhouse Security #

As one of the most trusted security companies in the business, Brickhouse Security has been operating since 2005.

With years of experience under their belt, they feature solutions including GPS Tracking and Monitoring to follow the products and assets at every step of the supply chain. They also offer camera and alarm systems, as well as hidden security cameras for in-store protection.

3. Cannabis Security Experts #

Cannabis Security Experts prides itself on cost-effective and compliant security. They provide a full-service cannabis security system.

The main features of the security system are Grow Ops security and dispensary security. This includes cannabis compliant alarm systems and on-site security personnel. The security features they provide are all compliant with the relevant cannabis and security regulations.

4. Iron Protection Group #

The Iron Protection Group specializes in security solutions for the cannabis industry. It is staffed and managed by veterans of the U.S. military. Thereby, providing opportunities to support them in their transition back into civilian life.

The services offered range from having operators outside your cultivation facility to the front of your dispensary, along with any other security requirements of your business.

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5. MPSI International #

MPSI was created as a division of NBI (a security company that was founded in 1967 by Ron Julian - a former law enforcement officer). With several years of experience, MPSI offers a range of high-end security solutions.

Some of these services include access control, security patrols, fraud detection, and undercover officers. They also offer Risk Mitigation and Management Services with highly skilled individuals. This includes providing armed security, workplace and employee protection, as well as travel safety escorts.

6. #

The cannabis business is constantly subject to changing and increasingly stringent regulations. Through all of its security services, strives to ensure compliance with all regulations.

This company specializes in the security of cannabis dispensaries and growth facilities. Standard elements of the system include remote monitoring and 24/7 tech support. They have a team of industry professionals who make custom security systems tailored to your specific needs.

7. CannaBeSecure #

With a single focus on the cannabis industry, CannaBeSecure specializes in end-to-end cannabis security solutions. The product package includes a full security system including access control, video cameras, surveillance, on-site and cloud storage, armed guards, and secure transportation.

They customize each system through a series of consulting services including compliance and risk assessments, employee training programs, and others.

CannaBeSecure helps you develop your security plan from the beginning to the end. This is especially useful if you would like to integrate security systems into the other spaces within the office such as a shared workspace or an office-based gym.

Bonus: Kisi #

Kisi is a top-rated access control system for grow facilities. One of its main attractions is that Kisi can be integrated into various software solutions. This allows for improved product security and easier monitoring of access-restricted areas. It effortlessly allows you to control your security whilst meeting compliance standards.

Some of its features include Bluetooth and NFC mobile access. This allows authorized personnel the ability to unlock doors with their mobile phones. The digital visitor log, door timer, and scheduling capability enable the control and monitoring of movements.

Its offline functionality and remote unlock feature allows you unlimited control. Even when you’re away from the office.

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