Crossfit Gym Equipment: What You Need to Have

By Bernhard Mehl

August 28, 2020

Crossfit Gym Equipment Items

As a Crossfit gym owner, there is no doubt that you spend a lot of time thinking about how to maximize the return on investment (ROI) on your box and how to create the best experience for your clientele.

Whether you’re about to open a box, or are looking to refine your existing one, here are some recommendations for the top eight Crossfit gym equipment items to provide for your clients.

Top 8 Crossfit Gym Equipment Items

1. Pull-Up Bars

A pull-up bar is a standard Crossfit gym equipment item. However, there are many different versions of this particular device and you will need to take the size and construction of your box into consideration before installing one.

For example, take note of how many people you will or already have in your box and then choose a pull-up bar accordingly. This is to ensure that you allow enough space for kipping pull-ups and for multiple users at one time.

2. Barbells

Barbells are another very popular item when it comes to this kind of workout equipment. With specifications for both female and male users, it’s important to take the size of your barbells into account when purchasing.

This is because there are many variations available and what you purchase depends on what kind of clientele you are catering for. For example, lighter barbells are more appropriate for those learning the proper mechanics.

3. Bumper Plates

One advantage of using bumper plates is that they allow you to drop a weight onto the ground without worrying about damage to an uncovered floor. This can be very helpful when you’re catering towards a stronger clientele.

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4. Metal or “Change” Plates

Metal plates are a must for weightlifting stations. An important piece of Crossfit gym equipment, metal or change plates are available in various weight increments. This allows your clients to progress and gain strength at a suitable pace.

The plates are added incrementally to the weights as the client gets stronger. This ensures that they do not hurt themselves by lifting weights that are too heavy.

5. Dumbbells

Dumbbells can provide a portable and space-conscious addition to your box. This is because they are smaller items that are easier to store stacked one on top of another - especially if you get sets that are hexagonal in shape.

Note that rubber-head dumbbells are essential for not damaging uncovered floors. It is unavoidable that you will see people dropping or even throwing dumbbells onto the floor. Even if you have covered floors, cast-metal dumbbells can do some serious damage. Although they cost a bit more, rubber-dumbbells can save you from any damage to floors, objects, or even limbs.

6. Kettlebells

One of the most popular items in all gyms, kettlebells provide a solid workout and can also be stored efficiently to maximize the usage of space in your box. There are many different variations available, but it makes sense to include a range of sizes if you’re catering towards a diverse clientele.

7. Medicine Balls

A medicine ball is a very dynamic tool to add to your selection of Crossfit gym equipment. This is because many exercises that can be done with barbells can be done with a medicine ball as well. In fact, a medicine ball might even offer some more variability, especially when it comes to offering exercises for those that struggle with barbells.

Medicine balls come in various shapes and weights so you should include a variety of different types to accommodate different strength levels and exercises.

8. Access Control System

In addition to providing the essential workout items for your clientele, running a successful fitness center also requires attention to detail when it comes to client relations.

Apart from just providing convenience, access control systems can also offer value when it comes to managing your customer base. This is important to consider not only for managing the number of people in a space and their accounts but also for creating an optimal experience for clients that prioritizes security and effective time management.

For example, access control doesn’t have to be limited to using cards or tags in a traditional turnstile. With Kisi, you can diversify your access control system to include options like remote unlocking, mobile app access, and scheduled unlocks.

Final Thoughts

By equipping your Crossfit box with these top Crossfit gym equipment items, you can provide a thorough workout space for your clients.

As we have discussed, both workout station items and an efficient access control system work together to create an optimal fitness experience. In addition to this, an access control system can help you to better manage your clients and the flow of people coming into and out of your box at any given time.

Bernhard Mehl

Bernhard is the co-founder and CEO of Kisi. His philosophy, "security is awesome," is contagious among tech-enabled companies.

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