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Employee Spotlight: Working in Operations at Kisi

‍Jamie Schiappucci
‍Jamie Schiappucci, Operations Manager at Kisi

What's your position and what do you do?

Operations/Support Manager.  I oversee all aspects of the Support and Success team, and I work with the Operations team to conceive and implement streamlined processes for both the Kisi team and our customers.

What initially drew you to company?

I love the startup culture and I found the concept of Kisi to be a game changer.  

Looking back at your one year with Kisi, what would you say has changed most?

The Kisi Krew has doubled!  (We must be doing something right…)

What do you like most about working at Kisi?

I think everyone understands his/her role and we all work autonomously, but at the same time, in concert with one another to achieve a common goal.   

What are some of your favorite or funnest memories of working at Kisi in the past year?

Kisi Kamp 1.0 was a blast!  Also, just being here day-to-day.  The environment is very helpful and rewarding, even when it can get chaotic at times.  Everyone recognizes a job well done and everyone is very supportive when goals are met.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Travel.  Watch Boston sports.  (Haters gonna hate. We’ll just keep winning.) A good night out with some cocktails and food.  

You’re an expert in recommending great movies in our movie-geeks channel. What’s your favorite movie at the moment? / or what is a must watch?

Such a tough question…  Here’s three I’d recommend:  Quiz Show, The Fountain, Moneyball.

Do you have any advice for prospective candidates, looking to join Kisi?

Don’t get locked out!  Apply today!  (I’ll see myself out…)

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