Gymmaster, More Than A Gym Check-In Software

By Kait Hobson
November 26, 2019
gymmaster software

GymMaster, a cloud-based gym and health club membership software, aids with member and administrative management, automated marketing, scheduling, and billing. This gym software targets gyms and health clubs of all sizes and stages, with a goal of achieving healthy growth and satisfied members. 

Features of GymMaster

24/7 Access Control 

Door access can be customized with GymMaster, meaning administrators can program member access for specific time periods and for specific entry points based on the benefits they recieve as part of their membership. The gym check-in system allows gym owners to manage the physical facility, improve relationships with members, and plan to implement new resources and future business goals. Access control systems make the lives of the gym’s IT administrator and operations manager easier. Access can be automatically revoked  to those who are behind on payments, guests can quickly check-in, and visits are logged, giving managers an opportunity to look back at visit frequency if desired. The platform is mobile and secure so it minimizes the need for a full-time receptionist. This means open hours can be extended without the need for more staff.

The control system also allows for alerts-- everything from alerting coaches when new members enter the facility to alerting both members and staff upon check-in that a member hasn’t paid their fee for membership or the training session. Overall, the technology should save time and money for the business by reducing staffing costs as well as simple administrative tasks that can now be done online.

Integrated Billing 

GymMaster has automated payment processing, meaning everyone will be billed on time without the stress of navigating an extra layer of administration. GymMaster will automatically send reminders to members while making the payment process easy online. The software supports the gym or health club in terms of billing, tracking income, helping to reduce bad debtors, and maximizing profit while growing the business. GymMaster pricing for members varies from $85 to $189, depending on the type of membership an individual needs. 

Membership Management 

GymMaster is designed to cater to any individual club’s needs. Some of the main functions of the GymMaster member page include member’s details, basic membership tiers, and account details, all of which can be accessed with a GymMaster login. In the member’s details section, there are photos to identify members as well as other listed information such as upcoming billing, bookings, and settings like reminders or automatic communication. The software also allows you to track members’ progress through measurable parameters. Businesses can also look at what the best staffing resources are based on how members use the facility, who should be encouraged to return based on visitation, and what growth patterns and areas of improvement are available. 

Online Booking and Online Signups 

GymMaster strives to save both time and paper with online contracts. Members can sign up online either with another current member of your team or through an online module at home. The software works with any device, allowing people to sign up new members on the go in any situation. 

Online booking allows members to be in charge of their own routine. GymMaster offers the option to management to determine which features of the software members can access. Possible member actions include viewing and selecting classes, looking at goals and progress, and sending feedback to the gym or health club. GymMaster offers a great deal of flexibility for every member and organization for the overall business. 


GymMaster’s reporting feature is well structured and easy to use. Through the “Standard Report” you can gather data completely customized for your specific use. Reports such as overall performance data, summary reports, and comprehensive billing information all aid in providing the company with valuable information. At any time, you can go to the GymMaster login and check in on the day’s activity, coordinate strategy and promotion, or gather big-picture data to keep in mind when thinking about long-term goals. 

Go Mobile 

The entire gym’s processes and infrastructure are all within the GymMaster app through mobile access. The entire gym or health club can literally be in the hands of a person. Daily progress can be checked periodically and any reporting can be real-time. Managing a business on-the-go allows for increased productivity. Things like staffing costs can be reduced, as check-in and other simple tasks can be done electronically. 



Maintaining detailed records

GymMaster design makes it easy to maintain records of all members. Staff and managers can look at member patterns, busy times, billing information, and any other functions of the software. Members can use the GymMaster app to look at their history, whether it be attendance, workout stats, or financial. 


GymMaster’s dashboard provides information about administrators, trainers and other staff through a brief overview detailing member levels and activity. The information is updated in real-time, making it possible to see your company’s performance in relation to the prior month. 

Automated Marketing 

This software offers marketing and member retention tools to connect the business with new and current members. Personalized texts or emails can be sent to prospective members as well as promotional memberships. In an attempt to boost member satisfaction, gyms can personalize contact with members by sending them relevant promotions or offers based on parameters such as gender, age, and visitation patterns. Even things like Happy Birthday messages and last minute class or schedule changes can be promptly communicated to members with GymMaster. 

Kait Hobson

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