Common Mistakes When Buying High Tech Security Cameras

By Dillon Okner
December 04, 2019
Common Mistakes When Buying High Tech Security Cameras

High tech security cameras are no longer an option, they are a necessity for businesses across many industries. The main issue is that most managers and administrators fail to do adequate research into the technology and purchase what they see on the internet. These following are some common mistakes to avoid when searching for a security camera system to implement in a home or business.

Things to Avoid:

Falling For Cheap Pricing

Yes, you want to save money but never ever let money be the sole issue when making a major decision. The less expensive camera might look similar to the more costly one but its functionality could be very different. Most of the cheap security cameras have inferior software, limited reporting capabilities, and are difficult to install.

Forgetting to Check Night Vision

Many buyers forget to check if this feature is available. Night vision is essential because crime or any suspicious activity is more likely to occur at night when the premises is less crowded or active. Lower end security cameras have limited film quality.

Not Checking the Subscription Fee

Many camera systems require you to activate a subscription for basic features. Always check what the high tech security camera company is selling you as a package and whether the expense is sustainable over time for the business.

Not Asking About Privacy and Security

You need to find out if the camera in question is vulnerable to data breaches. This means you research the encryption standards carefully.Ensure that the monitoring system or software that comes with the hardware allows you to use a unique password. Research whether the video monitoring system allows administrators to run some features locally instead of heavily relying on a cloud.

Not Thinking About the Future

What happens when you expand your home space or business? What if you decide to swap your gadgets, will it work with a different operating system? Can you add additional users? Or what if your system is wired and you might just change your mind and go for high tech wireless security cameras? Keep these considerations of the future in mind when researching.

Assuming the Specs

Sometimes it’s detrimental to just concentrate on the hardware. The software is also a major factor, and sometimes even more important. Check the camera’s framerate. This is one of the things that affect its ability to record at night. Youtube is a great place to see actual footage of the camera in action. Ensure that what you read is what you see.

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Falling For the Latest Tech

A new security camera has been doing great rounds and you fall for it. Just remember that new gadgets usually do not tell it all and the reviews can easily be paid for or forged. As the demand for high tech security cameras increases, there are sure to be a higher number of less credible companies popping up in the market.

Not Anticipating Every Potential Threat

The reason why you are buying a security camera is to get continuous footage of what is going on. So you have to anticipate the worst scenario. For instance, how long does the recording last, is the audio clear? Ask yourself tough questions.

Trends in High Tech Security Cameras

Here are some of the latest innovations in high tech security camera systems. Business owners and administrators can use these features, not just for security, but for streamlining operations and gaining a better understanding of the environment through technology.

360-degree field of view

A good security camera is no longer limited to pixels on a screen. Users now have the capability of viewing the entire space. A 360-degree view ensures that no stone is left unturned.

Facial recognition

For home use, this is great for parents who just want to know if their kids arrived home safely by identifying their faces and sending updates. Some advanced cameras can identify similar faces only and will notify users when there is a stranger in the house.

Two-way communication

Cameras featuring two-way communication can be used to calm pets left home alone, communicate with employees or night staff who don’t have access to regular company platforms, and much more. You can also use this feature to scare off intruders.

Solar power integration

High tech security cameras can be installed with systems that rely on solar power or be used to monitor solar panels.

Access control integration

Most enterprise companies are now starting to connect access control to video surveillance systems for increased security. Being able to manage everything from one platform and review potential securities breaches combining access data and visual snapshots gives admins more control and higher security standards.

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In conclusion. Always do your own research before purchasing security cameras for a private space or business. In-depth research is required to check if they have features that will meet your needs now and in the future.

Dillon Okner
Dillon Okner

Head of Global Workplace at Enjoy Technology, INC