How To Sell More Gym Memberships

By Bernhard Mehl

August 28, 2020

How To Sell More Gym Memberships

Knowing how to sell more gym memberships was, in the past, as simple as a cold call. Fast forward a couple of years and thanks to the technology gods, your gym membership sales pitch can now look a little more attractive with the use of gym management software. Kisi integrates all the programs used in a gym, with a cooler look which allows you to close more gym membership sales.

Targeting Your Niche Market By Hitting The Sweet Spot

The first step in how to sell more gym memberships is finding your niche. You will need to ascertain who you are as a gym business and, from there, get a clearer picture of who your “ideal” customer is.

The knee-jerk reaction for most gym owners would be to cater for everyone - mostly because their initial thoughts are just to get people to join in order to pay the bills. But, this isn’t always the most effective business decision.

As a gym owner or manager, your focus should be around a very specific customer that you want to attract. Doing so allows you to craft tailored messages to your niche customer and this specific focus makes the sales task a lot easier!

How Investing In Gym Management Software Can Increase Gym Membership Sales

The installation of access control systems in correlation with gym management software allows your gym to be on the cutting edge of technology. It gives your fitness establishment an unconventional look and feel, which is an important driver for selling more gym memberships.

Gym management software allows you to schedule your calendar and manage clients effectively. Booking classes and making payments becomes a lot easier to do due to the functionality of a mobile app.

If your clients regard keeping track of their workout summaries as important they’ll have easy access to these too. Yes, the software may require you to invest in both time and money initially but in the long run, it’s worth it. It’s a return on investment with less paperwork, ease of use for setting up reminders and tools for personal trainers to use.

Membership sales are enhanced and current clients are better managed. Over and above selling more gym memberships, you’re able to add an e-commerce option as a further build on revenue.

The benefit of an around the clock system leads to an increase in revenue due to the features being automated. It allows for a seamless client experience, which could be an enticing feature for your gym membership sales strategy.

Your Pitch Should Be Personalized - Not A One Size Fits All Approach

Your first point of call is your front desk employees and sales staff. This may seem as easy as telling them to smile but if the customer or potential client doesn’t get a sense of genuine enthusiasm and friendliness, your pitch could already have a damper on it.

If the sales pitch does not take place face-to-face initially, the sales employees' warmth and smile need to travel through the phone line, text, or email. So, this requires training and technology that is of a high standard.

Once the salesperson has walked the potential client through the general steps, questions, and information, the next step is critical. This is where they then need to personalize the pitch to speak directly to the needs of the individual customer showing a keen interest in their fitness goals.

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Listening To The Potential Client Establishes Rapport And Increases Gym Membership Sales

Once you’ve established a personalized sales pitch that works, which would have included questions such as their health goals, frequency of exercising schedules, and what type of physical activities they enjoy, your ears should be better tuned to listening to their actual needs and connecting with them on a personal level.

When the client is able to sense that you’re actually listening to them and not just hearing them, it’s beneficial for your gym membership sales pitch. Allowing the prospective clients to voice their thoughts or concerns without interrupting them midway allows the sales pitch to come across softer and more genuine.

A Needs Analysis Is Pertinent To The Customer Experience Journey

Asking the correct questions and listening attentively to the responses of the prospect ties in with your needs analysis. This becomes a matter of using the information incorporated into the gym software to communicate how the facility is able to meet their individual needs.

By doing a needs analysis, you’re well aware that prospects have differing goals and this allows you to provide a tailor-made fitness solution.

The Showstopper In Closing Your Deal Is Your Tour

Taking your prospect on a tour requires thought because, ideally, you want to focus on showing them the areas that address their needs. Once you’re able to show them how your facility is able to cater to their needs, they’re able to see the benefits of joining your facility. This is also an opportunity to show off areas that have been upgraded.

A Few Aspects To Consider In The Process Of Sealing The Deal

Discussing price options should be saved for a time that has been well thought through, providing prospects with varying price plans. Be careful not to come across too pushy as this could affect the close.

Give some thought to your competition so that you have insight on how to direct your sales and marketing efforts. Everyone loves a freebie so use this wisely as part of your sales pitch.

Referrals are also a great way to grow your membership base and rewarding current clients for referrals helps to up your numbers.

Now You Should Be Ready To Close The Deal

So, by now you know your target customer, you’ve made it clear why prospects should join your gym and you’re able to provide prospects with a unique offering. As mentioned in the beginning, investing in gym management software and state of the art access control already positions you well above competitors so it’s well worth the money spent!

Bernhard Mehl

Bernhard is the co-founder and CEO of Kisi. His philosophy, "security is awesome," is contagious among tech-enabled companies.

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