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By Ashley Davis

March 16, 2020

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An IT service catalogue is important for organizing and promoting your business’s services. In order to do this efficiently and effectively, well-arranged IT service catalogue templates need to be followed.

In this article, we take a look into the kind of framework required for such a catalogue. As IT is constantly changing, growing, and shifting in today’s climate, it is vital to arrange your service catalogue properly. Let’s unpack the importance of service catalogue management, and how best to incorporate its practices into your business.

The Importance of an IT Catalogue

An IT service catalogue is where you will find all of a business’ information on technology-related services. This is presented in the form of a well-organized and curated collection. Essentially, an IT service catalogue acts as a resume for your company. It details what your business has to offer and your expertise.

A great service catalogue can act as a kind of knowledge management tool for both employees and consultants of a business. It allows them to explore and find answers to any topics relating to these services. For these catalogues to be effective, they will need to be well controlled and effectively structured.

The general purpose of IT service catalogue templates is to provide a set of best practices for IT service management. This is designed to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of this field and to ensure that business operations remain consistent. With the goal to provide the best services possible, a solid IT catalogue should be put into place.

Understanding the IT Service Catalogue

This centralized list of IT services can be arranged in two different perspectives: the customer view and the technical view. Below is a brief explanation of each.

Customer Perspective

When end-user customers access the catalogue, the customer perspective is what they will see and work on. This is generally arranged in a self-service portal and allows them to access specific service requests.

Technical Perspective

This view is used for internal IT resources. The technical perspective of the catalogue will include any technical information that is needed for specific service delivery within the different IT departments. This could include describing the service, and any support related queries. Any information within this perspective will need to be clearly defined and present comprehensible instructions.

IT Service Catalogue Guide

When creating your IT service catalogue, it’s important to include certain information and steps to create the most effective guide. Here are a few steps to follow to assist you in building your own template.

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1. Identify the Services Your Business Needs For Operation

Understanding your business is the first step towards building IT service catalogue templates that work. Firstly, you will need to identify all of the different IT services that your business needs to operate. This can span across various IT teams and departments. These different services should be essential to the company and align with the business’s goals.

This step is important for communication within the business. It will allow decision-makers and managers to better understand the operations and processes. This then allows them to make better choices for the business’s actions and future.

A great way to do this is to arrange the different categories and services together. For example, you could have Accounts and Access as a category. Within this, the services could include identity management and guest accounts.

2. Make it Simple to Search

Arrange the catalogue with the end-user in mind. In order to avoid confusion, try to make the search process as simple as possible. This could involve categorizing the different services the way that the user would see them - and not from the perspective of someone in the business. You will also want to remove any unnecessary technical jargon. Making things simple and easy to understand is key here.

3. Create the Catalogue in Phases

Putting together IT service catalogue templates can be an extensive job. In order to make sure you are doing the right thing, consider putting together the catalogue in different phases. This could mean listing a small portion of your services and then testing this out with a small user pool.

This will allow you to see what works, and where you might be going wrong. For example, catalogue the services of a single category first, and see how this performs for its intended users.

4. Plan Security

An important step in creating IT service catalogue examples is deciding who can access what. Not all users should necessarily be allowed to access all of your services. You can limit some items so that only certain users can access them.


An IT service catalogue is an important addition to any business’s technical side. This central collection of services is a major point of contact between your business and the end-user. It is also a necessary addition to make sure that your services are managed effectively.

Each service catalogue is different, with each business presenting something new. However, certain steps and guidelines should always be taken to ensure best practice. Following this basic template idea and steps can be beneficial to all kinds of industries and sectors when putting together an IT service catalogue.

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