Apple Watch Series 4 Release: Did You See That Apple Door Reader?

By Kait Hobson
September 24, 2018
iWatch release

Apple’s custom badge reader caught our attention at its product launch last Wednesday, so we took a look at its FCC filing to see how it stacks up to Kisi. Like our Kisi reader, the badge reader allegedly changes color depending on a user’s credentials—green to grant access and red to revoke a user’s access. To give you some context, at the Apple Special Event in Cupertino, CA, they presented a James Bond-esque video showing an Apple employee trying to gain access to the Steve Jobs Theatre, but the reader turns red to deny her credentials. Then a man with higher access credentials materializes (having transported there) and swipes her in with his Apple Watch, or digital badge.

The video set a futuristic mood for Apple’s ensuing product presentation—but this cool technology already exists! If you want to improve the first impression of customers at your door and feel like James Bond when you roll into your office every day then you can install Kisi.

Of course, this was just a fun element Apple added to its iWatch Series 4 publicity campaign. If an Apple ‘reader’ comes out on the market, its prices will likely be much higher than the current access control brands, especially since iPhones are being sold at increasingly higher price points today. Kisi provides access control for companies of any size—like the U.S. Air Force, small startups, real estate agencies, like Century 21, to scalable, multi-location clients like Enjoy. Like the iPhone, Kisi provides a software with over-the-air updates for new features. It also integrates with your existing office systems to make your space more secure and streamlined.

Here are three of the most commonly used integrations with Kisi:


1. Schedule locked timings with your Google Calendar:‍

You probably already use Google Calendar at work. Using the Kisi & Google Calendar Integration, your office administrator can remotely control the schedule of doors and these update in real time. All you have to do is add your door to a specific Google Calendar event and the door will stay open during those times.

2. See who is at your door with Ring and Kisi:

One of the most popular visitor management systems that integrates with Kisi is Ring. Connect your Ring Doorbell to your Kisi system to see who is at the front door and let them in from anywhere in the world. You get to create a 24/7 virtual front desk for your office—safe, simple and convenient.

3. Manage which members can access specific rooms with Kube and Kisi:

With the Kisi and Yardi Kube integration, you can synchronize your Yardi KUBE member data with any of your office doors. All members in your database will automatically get access assigned via the Kisi integration. It’s as simple as that!

Kisi’s open API means you can design your own integrations. If you don't see existing integrations suited to your office, simply let us know and we'll fix that for you.

Kait Hobson

Workplace Innovation