Kisi Implements Free Access Card Security Test

By Kait Hobson
September 12, 2018
Kisi Implements Free Access Card Security Test

- Kisi technicians to show vulnerability of access control cards with free security test to drive awareness of physical security weaknesses -

Brooklyn, New York — 29 August 2018: Following the successful launch of Kisi Labs with its first product vision “Drone Guard,” Kisi Inc., a leader in cloud-based keyless access control and security management, has today reported the launch of a new security card test to drive physical access innovation through exposing the vulnerability of key cards.

Anyone concerned about the security of their access card can send it to Kisi Labs to be tested for free. The original access card will be sent back to the user with a cloned or copied card and a report on how difficult it was for Kisi’s technicians to hack. Rather than hiring a security consultant or paying thousands of dollars for a penetration test, Kisi Labs aims to automate the process and offer this free service to as many people as possible.

Starting a new project?

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Starting a new project?

There are three free options to test cards. Users can locate their card model in Kisi’s card security hacking database to see if it’s already listed. The second option is for users to send the card type and model for Kisi to check against its database of known exploits or hacks, as well as what tools are typically enlisted to breach the card. The third option requires sending the card to Kisi Labs to be tested by a technician for a full diagnosis, complete with video proof of the process as well as a cloned or copied card sent along with the original.

Bernhard Mehl, Kisi’s Founder and CEO comments, “Our goal is to make it easy and free to understand card security, so that expensive physical penetration tests can focus on taking your security to the next level rather than doing your homework."

Mehl adds, "During our work with hundreds of security-sensitive companies we were surprised at how little awareness and knowledge there is surrounding card security. When we looked into the reason, we discovered that methods that should be available to everyone are buried under complicated penetration testing, which often costs thousands of dollars.”

About Kisi Inc.

Kisi Inc., the leading cloud-based keyless access control system, streamlines daily operations and is trusted by some of the world’s fastest growing companies like the U.S. Air Force, PWC, Harry’s, and Enjoy. Kisi was founded in 2012 and its open API allows companies to integrate Kisi’s mobile dashboard into their current IT stack. Kisi Labs is an in-house operation of technicians working to improve the future of security. Projects are confidential and have previously included the arenas of AI, blockchain technology, and virtual reality.

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