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Kisi and Cisco Meraki Announcement

Kisi partners with Cisco Meraki to offer physical security information management (PSIM) as a service.

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Kisi and Cisco Meraki Announcement

Updated on November 30, 2022

Written by Bernhard Mehl

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Kisi Partners With Cisco Meraki to Offer Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) as a Service #


Kisi’s security platform launches a universal camera connector and adds Cisco Meraki’s MV cameras integration. This allows security management to be in one easy to manage dashboard which is available on the Meraki Marketplace as well as Cisco Devnet.

Physical Security Becomes Manageable as a Platform #

Security systems traditionally have been either bulky on-premise applications requiring expert help and maintenance, or a separate lightweight point solution, which can not be used to address more advanced needs.

Managing Video and Access in One Dashboard #

Kisi has been working on integrating IP based security hardware into a cloud based dashboard. The integration with Meraki’s MV camera line allows for exactly these three functions: easier managing of security devices, remote monitoring, and intrusion alerting.

Kisi Access Control introduces New Integration Announcement with Cisco Meraki Security Cameras

Kisi Integration: Cisco Meraki

Managing Cloud Cameras

Map Cisco Meraki cameras to doors in Kisi’s dashboard to synchronize events happening at that door in one data stream.

Kisi Meraki Camera Dashboard

Remote Monitoring

Review a series of snapshots directly in Kisi’s event stream.

Camera Snapshot from Kisi Dashboard

Intrusion Alerting

Set alerts on specific doors, users or types of events to get immediately notified on your mobile.

Access Notifications from Cloud Dashboard

How Does it Work? #

In order to accomplish this integration Kisi leverages the API provided by Meraki’s cameras. "Meraki's Snapshot APIs let customers easily integrate into Kisi's access control system to provide visual context to events. This means that users do not have to watch countless hours of footage to investigate an incident, or need to be data scientists to gain insight from video analytics" says George Bentinck, Director of Product Management - Camera Systems at Cisco Meraki.

What Are the Benefits? #

Some benefits include:

  • Streamline activity logs and audits with visual snapshots
  • Provide additional context for security-related events
  • Visual feedback to enable administrators to resolve issues
  • Administrators can assign/deassign cameras to/from doors
  • Enable your staff to quickly validate door entry events
  • Enforce the proper use of credentials
  • Investigate tailgating situations
  • Avoid having to switch between access control and video system activity logs
  • Enable real-time intrusion alerts for held-open and forced-open door events

> Download the Overview PDF here

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