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Kisi Values: Human

Join us in exploring one of our company values: Human. Read what human mean to us, its importance, and how it reflects in the recruitment process.

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Updated on October 13, 2023

Written by Kristen Peroni

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Company values are crucial to have and uphold since they serve as an enduring foundation for the overall company culture. They help guide decisions and actions and act as a moral compass for the team. Company values attract individuals who share our vision and help build trust and credibility with clients.

Realizing the importance of these factors is what encouraged Kisi to define our own values. We wanted to learn more about what inspired our team about the Kisi mission, what was keeping employees part of our team, and what would help establish us as a dependable key partner to our clients.

We ran a company-wide survey, and after receiving back and sorting through many responses, four recurring qualities stood out the most: Forward, Human, Trusted, and Responsible. These values have become the cornerstones of Kisi’s culture. In this blog post, we will highlight the value Human and what that means to us at Kisi.

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What does Human mean? #

In a world where technology is at the forefront, it can become easy to lose sight of one of the most critical parts of business: human connections. At Kisi, our goal has always been to make technology work for people.

Being Human means that we are always looking at the product from our customers’ perspective and looking for ways to ensure it is accessible and easy for all clients, regardless of scale, industry, or location. We are constantly seeking feedback from clients and partners on our product and utilizing those conversations to drive updates to the product roadmap.

We value offering great customer support and have an international product support team available across time zones and even working holiday hours to ensure timely assistance. These efforts and attention to detail have allowed us to continue to be one of the best-rated mobile access systems on both iOS and Android on the market today.

At Kisi, it isn’t only important to be Human in building our product but also in shaping our culture and work environment. Being Human at Kisi means showing empathy and compassion towards your team. It’s about getting to work hard with your team and hit milestones together but also having fun and connecting on more than just the projects you’re currently working on. Being Human is about being able to lean on your colleagues when your workload becomes too overwhelming or something unprecedented happens in your personal life.

We strive to create an environment where you don’t feel nervous to ask for help because you know your team has your back as you also would have theirs. This collaboration helps foster a work environment where you can feel comfortable and supported and, in the long run, empowers employees in their roles.

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Human in recruiting #

As we continue scaling our team, it is important that all new employees share our Human value. If an applicant wants to showcase this, the best place to start is by coming into your first interview excited, engaged, and communicative.

The team wants to see that you are able to express yourself and exhibit a level of emotional intelligence that allows you to be empathetic with colleagues and customers alike. Determining this can include asking about how you work best in a team setting, handling conflicts and past mistakes, or your approach to feedback. These qualities impact the work environment and will let the hiring team see how you would collaborate and fit in with the team.

Just as the team is looking for the Human value in new colleagues, anyone who enters the Kisi recruiting process will be given a Human experience in return. Our recruiting and hiring teams are consistently working on creating a fair and positive candidate experience for all applicants. They aim to offer transparency and empathy to candidates at every stage of the process, paired with timely and effective communication and updates.

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Going forward #

Human values are important for Kisi because they contribute significantly to a positive workplace culture and, over time, help build the company’s reputation in the industry. By keeping this value at the forefront of our product, culture, and recruiting, we will continue to build a great team dedicated to connecting people and space across the world one door at a time.

Want to know what Human sounds like to our team? Check out our Human Spotify playlist.

Kristen Peroni

Kristen is a recruiter at Kisi whose passion lies within helping others on their job search journey, building meaningful connections, and finding great candidates to join our rapidly growing team.

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