Mobile Access Study 2019

By Kait Hobson
August 14, 2019

The 2019 Mobile Access Control Study examines the overall growth of mobile access control across industries and cities. Using proprietary data from access control projects around the world, we analyzed in which states companies are investing the most into upgrading to smartphone-enabled access systems.

The market size of the access control industry will exceed $12 billion by 2024, with mobile-based access being one of the solutions with the strongest growing demand. Companies offering access control as a service are expected to generate close to $1 billion in revenue by 2022 and access control as a service market revenues are forecasted to grow at nearly triple the rate of the traditional access control equipment market over the next five years. 

The major factors, according to the physical security market report, driving the market include ‘rising incidents of terror attacks, technological advancements and deployment of wireless technology in security systems, increasing use of Internet Protocol (IP)-based cameras for video surveillance, and rising adoption of Internet of Things (IoT)-based security systems with cloud computing platforms.’

Given the lack of industry data on the use of this technology, Kisi began conducting extensive research to outline key industry trends and statistics.

How the study was conducted:

The study was conducted by analyzing Kisi’s proprietary data on 500 facilities that have installed mobile-based access control systems in 25 countries around the world. The data collected refers to the 18-month period from January 2018 to June 2019. In the U.S. breakdown, 36 states and Washington D.C. have been analyzed due to the limited amount of representative data elsewhere.

Number of Doors Secured with Mobile Access
Kait Hobson

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