Office Manager Performance Review Sample

By Matt Reilly

March 19, 2021

Office Manager Performance Review Sample

Conducting an office manager performance review is a vital part of ensuring that your office remains efficient and productive. It also allows your office manager to reflect on ways he or she can improve company procedures in the future. But since the position of an office manager is often less structured, it can be difficult to decide what an office manager performance evaluation should include. Fortunately, we have the information you need to write the perfect review — or you can download our version below!

What is the goal of a performance review?

A performance review for any employee should accomplish three main goals. First, the review should identify the employee’s strengths and achievements. What has he or she done since the last performance review that has been valuable to the company? Second, the review should identify an employee’s weaknesses. Where could the person improve? Finally, the review should outline the employee’s professional goals and identify how he or she is working to achieve those goals. How is the person growing in his or her position? Office manager goals could be personal, as outlined by the employee, or broad, as outlined by the company.

You may also want to consider which type of performance review you want to use. For example, an open-ended review requires both the employee and the person conducting the review to write out their responses in paragraph format. These reviews can be more beneficial for office manager positions because they allow for more flexibility in employees’ responses. However, they can take a long time to fill out. Another type of review uses a numerical scale to rate an employee’s performance based on several predetermined statements. These reviews are faster to fill out and read, but they may not cover every aspect of the office manager position because they can only list so many specific responsibilities. When choosing which type of review to use to evaluate your office manager, consider the individual needs of your office and how much time you want to invest in the review process.

Why You Should Write an Office Manager Performance Evaluation

Performance reviews are an important part of performance management. They validate the work an employee is already doing and provide concrete feedback on areas where the person can improve. This detailed, specific feedback translates into more immediate improvements in future work. Reviews also increase communication and transparency within the office. It’s a good idea to continually communicate with the person who oversees functions in all areas of your office, and reviewing your office manager’s performance can only add to this communication.

Download the Employee Evaluation for Managers

A performance review template for positive work evaluations.

Download the Employee Evaluation for Managers

Essentials of an Office Manager Performance Review

A good office manager performance review should include statements and questions that allow for a full view of the person’s position, responsibilities, and work within the office. You can make sure that the review is comprehensive by splitting it up into various topics. Some examples of categories and statements you may want to use in your review include:

Quality and quantity of work

  • This person is careful and frequently checks his or her work for errors.
  • He or she always completes his or her work on time.
  • He or she has a high level of productivity.
  • This person takes pride in his or her work.
  • He or she constantly strives for improved performance at work.


  • This person has a good attendance record.
  • He or she has few, if any, unplanned absences.
  • He or she consistently arrives at work on time.
  • He or she usually completes all of his or her work before leaving for the day.


  • This person has a good, helpful attitude and is polite when speaking to others.
  • He or she is enthusiastic and energetic in the workplace.
  • He or she has good working relationships with his or her coworkers.
  • This person believes his or her individual success is necessary for the group’s success.

Problem solving and decision making

  • This person looks for ways to streamline office procedures in ways that increase efficiency.
  • He or she sets priorities in advance and adjusts them as needed when unexpected situations arise.
  • He or she uses good judgement and has strong analytical skills when solving problems.
  • This person researches various options thoroughly before making a decision.


  • This person is open to communicating with others in the office.
  • Communications received from this person are clear and easy to follow.
  • He or she asks questions when he or she needs help with a task.
  • He or she has excellent oral and written communication skills.

Work group management

  • This person is always available to others.
  • He or she uses others’ knowledge and skills to complete tasks.
  • He or she is able to explain and teach new skills to his or her coworkers.
  • This person supports his or her coworkers by being patient with them when necessary.

This list includes everything you need to write your own office manager performance review. You can, of course, get more detailed and customize your review to the specific person’s role within the company. But the categories mentioned above are great places to start building a comprehensive overview of the employee’s performance. If you’re feeling stuck, try downloading our evaluation below!

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