Remote Access Management and Security for Facilities

By Bernhard Mehl
May 20, 2020
Remote Access Management and Security for Facilities

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There are many different ways to increase security measures. One of the most efficient solutions for any facility is remote access management. Whether it is for an office block, retail space, or residential building, remote access management for security and facilities is an easy way of making your space more secure. 

Kisi offers a wide range of different access management tools and solutions for all kinds of different spaces. Let’s take a look at some of the different features available. 

Kisi’s Remote Office and Access Management Features

1. Cloud Management For Office Doors

Kisi’s cloud management feature allows you to control the access of any location, from absolutely anywhere. This gives you easy admin control of office doors. See which visitors have entered, track the different users, and even open up doors remotely. 

Having a cloud system for office doors offers great remote access management for security and facilities, as you get total control over all access information of the office. Being able to monitor this from anywhere in the world provides an extra level of security and peace of mind. 

2. Remote Unlocking of Office Doors

The Kisi app allows users to increase security measures wherever they are. Anyone in charge of an office building can use the app to remotely unlock any office doors. This allows you to always control access - no matter where you are. 

The Kisi mobile app allows you to take security control absolutely anywhere. This means that you will always be able to know who is entering the building, and you can track this clearly with the app.

Remote unlock and access sharing

3. Touchless Unlocking

Kisi’s tap-to-unlock technology eliminates the need for traditional keys and outdated locks. Rather, this system allows for contactless unlocking of doors through a simple tap. This can be done with a card or your mobile device. 

Distributing access control cards allows you to maintain stricter control of who can enter a building. It also allows for better monitoring and control. This is an essential feature of remote access management for security and facilities.

4. Remote Access Sharing

With Kisi's remote access management, controlling who gets to enter doors and buildings becomes much more simplified. Kisi has a smart sharing feature where you can send virtual keys to people via email. 

This allows you to easily share and manage access control. Not only does this keep a strict system of the exact people that can unlock doors, but it also simplifies the touchless unlocking process. 

remote access sharing

5. Remote Lockdown

Using smart technology for remote access management is not only better for security measures, but it also provides a whole new level of convenience. Remote lockdown is one of these features. This allows the user to lock down their office from any remote location. 

In case you forgot to lock up, had to grant access to somebody else, or are just concerned about security - this feature gives you that peace of mind. This way, your office can always be effectively locked up no matter where you are. 

6. Changing Opening Hours

Kisi access control readers provide a comprehensive security solution for office facilities. Using a touchless key on a smart reader, you will be able to control the door in many more ways. 

One of these is through changing the opening hours. This feature can allow certain teams and departments to access your offices at certain times. This is something that you can monitor and change from a remote location. 


7. Adding Unlock Schedules

You can keep the door unlocked during certain hours for spontaneous social events or office moves. Adding unlock schedules is a feature of remote access management for security and facilities that adds so much convenience and control. 

Remote access management systems give you total control over your premises - no matter where you are. Every moment of the day and every person that walks through the door can be controlled and efficiently monitored. 

8. Visual Access Events

Kisi systems have many amazing features - including cameras. Users can confirm access events via Kisi’s cloud camera integration snapshots. 

All Kisi models can be integrated with Cisco Meraki cameras (MV line). The snapshots provided from these cameras will greatly enhance the audit trail for admins. 

9. Freezing Users

Kisi allows you to suspend access control of users without removing them from the system. This is a great tool for furloughed users. 

Freezing users can be incredibly useful - and it just adds another element of strict access control to heighten security measures. 

Final Thoughts

Remote access management for security and facilities is made easy through Kisi’s many smart features. Using a remote access management system can provide plenty of conveniences, better monitoring, and a heightened level of all-round security.

Bernhard Mehl

Bernhard is the co-founder and CEO of Kisi. His philosophy, "security is awesome," is contagious among tech-enabled companies.