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Sales team meetup: A reminder of our collective strength

Read about the Kisi sales meet-up in the New York office that featured a range of events and workshops that left a lasting impression.

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An image of Anna, Account Executive at Kisi connecting Kisi access control products on the sales meet up

Updated on April 05, 2024

Written by Anna Hart

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I absolutely love being a part of Kisi, a company that's as innovative as it is authentic. Kisi’s passion for creating cutting-edge technology is not just inspiring, but it's also the driving force behind our incredible team. Every day, I'm reminded of how fortunate I am to work with colleagues who share this same enthusiasm and dedication.

Anna wiring a Kisi Controller Pro

Meeting many of our remote teammates in person for the first time was a heartwarming experience. It allowed us to put faces to the voices we’d heard on calls and reinforced the global reach of our Kisi family. This personal connection added depth to our teamwork and reminded me that we’re truly a worldwide team, strengthening my passion for our company.

The Kisi sales team in front of the Brooklyn Bridge
The Kisi sales team with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background

Our sales meet-up featured a range of events and workshops that left a lasting impression. We engaged in brainstorming sessions to refine our sales strategies, explored product demos, and heard from our founders about their future vision and goals for the company.

Anna and Tommy during the sales team meet up in New York

The meet-up’s benefit to our team’s collaboration and communication is significant. Being physically together makes brainstorming more dynamic, feedback more immediate, and ideas flow freely. It strengthens our bonds and enhances our performance, reinforcing our shared vision and passion for Kisi.

Anna and Ivan during the sales team meet up in Kisi's New York office

Our sales meet-up is not just a work event; it’s a reminder of our collective strength, and a platform to showcase our teamwork in action. I’m deeply proud to be a part of this incredible journey, and I’m eagerly looking forward to the next meet-up! 🚀

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