The Importance of Real Estate Security

By Ashley Davis
November 05, 2019
real estate security

For property or homeowners, having a comprehensive security system is crucial to feeling safe and protecting the integrity of the property. This is important for realtors and brokers showing the property as well. 

Realtors often need access to a property at odd hours to prepare it for showing or to simply do some research for a client before or after regular business hours. And vacant homes sometimes attract vandalism, squatters, or even more serious crimes that can put agents at risk. Homeowners and property owners can take for granted the feeling of safety and familiarity that they have in their own neighborhoods, which is impossible for most realtors. Because of this, having a standard real estate security system in place can ease some of these risks to the realtor or those who work late in a variety of neighborhoods. Having this type of system in place can also help keep the property as secure as possible when it is vacant for an extended period of time. 

Keep Properties Safe: Real Estate Security

For real estate agents, a large part of their job depends on the appearance of the property being sold or leased. If the property has recently been damaged or burglarized, it might cause potential buyers to become disinterested because they are worried about the safety of the location. Plus, any damages that are caused by a break-in will reduce the current selling price, especially if the current owner doesn’t want to fix up the property. By installing a real estate security system, realtors and owners can keep their properties safe as well as protect the value of the sale. 

What Is Real Estate Security?

Real estate security can vary depending on the type of property and how many units are available. However, regardless of the property layout or situation, it will need a security system to help realtors and owners monitor the property or respond quickly in cases of emergency. 

When you are considering a real estate security system, here are a few things to consider. 

  • Do you want the ability to monitor employees as they come and go? Does a mobile app, branded card, fob, or NFC card work better for the business? There are advanced access control systems that enable users to use their iPhone or Android phones to unlock locations in a more secure way than traditional keys and padlocks. 
  • Do you need to share access quickly? The ability to manage unlimited doors, as well as share or revoke access remotely is a useful tool for many real estate agents and brokerage firms. As the firm grows, you can use systems like Kisi to add locations and see door events in real-time and change the security rules to fit your growing needs. 
  • Do you need to secure an office space? Kisi helps to simplify by the workplace by creating access groups easily. By using email addresses, the directory integrations allow you to make an office space accessible on-demand. In addition, you can audit the security system at any time, so you can see what is happening on all of your properties.
  • Is it a rental unit? For a multi-family unit, using a wireless system makes it easy to install and uninstall as needed. You can also opt to keep it in the home when it is rented to possibly increase the property value. 

Real Estate Security Solutions

Kisi offers the features that real estate businesses need to keep property showings running smoothly and safely. As a perfect access control solution for real estate, Kisi enables you to unlock any door with your smartphone, share access quickly, or even send temporary keys to visitors. Kisi can be integrated with the tools your firm is already using, including Google Apps for Work, Ring Doorbell, Okta, Envoy, and more.

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