Integrating Cameras With a WiFi-Enabled Door Lock

By Karen Taborda
July 15, 2019
security camera facing door

Access control systems are one of the newest additions to many corporate security systems. A modern solution to everyday workplace security issues, access control systems are steadily growing in popularity and are proving to be one of the most cutting edge security technologies. If you’ve decided to purchase an access control system for your business, then you are joining countless business owners and managers who have made the same decision.

When purchasing an access control system, you want to make sure that you are getting the best deal for your business. The system that you buy will be an invaluable addition to your business’ current security system and will help further protect your business and its assets. The new system should be easy and intuitive for employees to use, to facilitate a seamless transition to using it in the workplace. Finally, you want your system to be as multifaceted as possible to take the headache out of everyday security concerns.

Not sure which option is right for your company? First, read this article to learn all about access control and what it can do for your business. Next, download Kisi’s Physical Security Guide to understand how to set up your new system and make the most of it once you receive it. Then, consider getting the best of both worlds: A WiFi door lock with a camera.

A WiFi door lock with a camera is one of the most advanced types of technology on the market today. Although there are many smart door locks available.

What is a smart door lock?

A smart door lock is an electronic lock that can be opened or locked remotely, usually from an app on your smartphone. Different smart locks have different features; for example, some locks work via Bluetooth while others use WiFi. Smart locks also open doors differently. They may require users to wave or tap their phone in front of the lock, tap a key card to the lock, use the app on their smartphone, or talk to the lock in order to open the door. Some locks even bolt automatically behind users once the door has been closed. Smart door locks may also offer additional features, such as the ability to designate guests and visitors who may have access to the locked door.

Smart door locks are a relatively new concept. These products have only been available for about three years, meaning there is still a lot of room for improvements with future smart locks. For example, some smart locks now offer cameras in addition to WiFi or Bluetooth capabilities, which provides users with an extra security measure.

Why should I purchase a smart lock over a regular lock?

Smart locks are great for boosting office security. As an element of access control, security is one of their main functions. But a smart lock can also provide other benefits, such as:

Enjoy Added Convenience

Smart locks are designed to be convenient. Remote locking and unlocking capabilities ensure access for employees anywhere, at any time. Instead of waiting around for a manager to unlock the supply closet or picking through a full ring of keys to find the right one, simply tap or swipe to gain access. Smart locks take the hassle out of everyday workplace routines, which makes for a more efficient office.

Restrict Guest Access

If your business deals with guests and visitors regularly, then smart locks can add extra peace of mind. Regular guests can use digital keys, which you can send out through you smart lock’s app. Or you can schedule certain times for doors to be locked and unlocked to regulate which rooms visitors have access to.

Monitor Your Office

Has your company ever experienced theft, a break-in, or a loss of property? Tracing steps back to the scene of such a crime or misconduct can be difficult and time consuming. But with a camera, it’s as simple as rewinding footage. Installing a fleet of smart door locks with cameras is like having a team of security guards who are always on call - nothing gets by them.

Access Sharing

With Kisi, users can: Allow or deny access to any room with just one click in the Kisi app

With other companies, users must: spend time issuing and collecting keycards, granting access to temporary guests, manage access individually across multiple offices

Connect Access Control to Video Surveillance

Review and validate door entries with automatic video snapshots.

Learn more
Connect Access Control to Video Surveillance


With Kisi, users can: Manage and monitor the health status of their system remotely, 24/7

With other companies, users must: Use cards that are vulnerable to hacking, use a system that does not meet many compliance standards, deal with a standalone system that doesn’t always authenticate its users


With Kisi, users can: Automate rules, schedule unlocks, and integrate over 20 software programs with their access control system

With other companies, users must: Manually set different access levels, maintain different systems, use the system without log reports, export features, or dedicated customer support

Integrating Doorbird With Your Kisi System

Integrating an outside software with your smart door lock with a camera helps you get the most out of your system. Doorbird, a software that works well with Kisi products, assists offices with visitor management. If your business regularly interacts with others, then Doorbird can help you see and talk to whoever’s visiting before they enter a room or building. As an added security measure, Doorbird can help you see who’s visiting and ensure that you never miss a visitor.

Doorbird is an IP video door intercom. When a visitor wants access, all he or she has to do is ring the doorbell. Doorbird unlocks additional features in your Kisi system, including:

  • The ability to see, speak, and grant access to visitors from your smartphone
  • Unlock your door from anywhere - even internationally
  • Automate your front desk by creating a virtual receptionist and answering service
  • Virtually authenticate visitors
  • Track unlock logs in Kisi

Access control systems can be complicated and confusing. Many people have to complete training courses or receive certificates just to understand them - but Kisi makes it easy and painless.

Karen Taborda
Karen Taborda

Senior Account Executive at Kisi