Employee badges in Apple Wallet for a seamless experience

As a certified Apple partner, Kisi combines the ease-of-use and security of Apple Wallet with Kisi’s enhanced access control.

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Kisi x Apple Wallet: Reliable performance for the keyless future

The easy experience your employees expect

With employee badges in Apple Wallet, your team can stop fumbling for keys, key fobs, plastic cards, or badges. They’re already integrated into their Apple Wallet and impossible to lose, even if the iPhone battery runs out.

You and your employees already trust Apple

Use the speed, reliability, and security of NFC. The built-in privacy and security features from Apple, plus Kisi’s cloud-based security, help ensure a safe, reliable experience.

The workplace of the future is keyless

By seamlessly integrating your existing access control systems with Apple Wallet, you can stay ahead of the curve. Easily and quickly control who has access credentials and for how long across all your offices.

Enable seamless mobile access with Apple Wallet

As a certified Apple partner, Kisi can help simplify operations with our mobile access solution. Contact our security experts and manage all your spaces on the fly in a matter of days.