What Are Access Control Groups?

Access control groups are collections of users, computers, or contacts that serve two purposes. First, they can be used for security as access to physical amenities or resources in your space. Cardholders can be granted certain levels of access to anything that you want to protect, whether that’s a certain space or any other resource. All they need to do is enter their credentials to unlock that specific thing, and anyone without the proper level of access will be unable to do so. Second, access control groups can be used for distribution over email.

You can divide users into multiple groups to tailor messages to them, including targeted ads or even email updates or notices. By dividing users, computers, and contacts into groups, system administrators can cut down the time and stress of figuring out individual access privileges or distribution goals for each of them, making it much easier to keep track of who is receiving what.

Kisi Dashboard showing access control groups

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