Area Access Manager

Area access managers (AAMs) are system users that can assign, modify or remove access levels for active badges. If you’re an office manager or administrator, there’s no way to reasonably keep tabs on everyone’s access throughout the office, especially if you’re in charge of a large space. That’s where AAMs come in. By allowing some users, like other managers and high-ranking employees, to modify access for a certain area or subset of active users, you can delegate some responsibilities without losing control of the entire system.

This effectively grants or restricts a cardholder's access to readers that control specific areas, which can be incredibly useful. For example, if your security team needs to bring in a licensed contractor to complete a task, they can assign a visitor badge to the person, allow them the proper levels of access for the day, and then remove all security clearances as soon as the job is done. Assigning area access managers adds an easy extra layer of security to your facility.

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