Arming Stay vs. Arming Away

Your alarm system is designed to protect your facility from any possible threats, but it does no good if it thinks you’re an intruder. That’s why you can choose between arming stay and arming away, which means that you’re either arming an alarm system to stay within it or to leave it.

At the end of the business day, if you or other system administrators need to stay behind in the building for any reason, you should arm your alarm to stay. This often turns interior motion sensors off, preventing you or any other authorized users from tripping an alarm. However, any external alarms will still be active and ready to alert you to anyone attempting to gain entry. Arming away, on the other hand, is meant for those times when you plan to leave the building immediately, which will likely end up being the majority of cases. All motion detectors will be activated and you will be granted a certain amount of time to leave before the alarms become live.

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