Cardholder Activation Date

Using cardholder access in any space can greatly improve security and make both you and your employees or tenants feel much more confident. But people who are new to the space cannot be granted full access as soon as they’re brought on. That’s why activation dates are so important. Like the name suggests, this is the date on which a card becomes valid. New hires, for example, can be given their access cards during onboarding, even before their first day, without fear of abuse. The cards simply do not work until their time in the space officially starts. The technology inside still works; however, your space’s card readers understand not to grant access until the activation date. By using activation dates effectively, you can protect your space’s interests and security while still making newcomers feel welcome. They’ll be cardholders before their first day, but they won’t have full access until exactly the moment you decide to validate their card. No harm, no foul.

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