Command Reader in Access Control

Access control systems allow you to monitor your space with alarms and security protocols. But when you know about scheduled events like open houses, large visits or routine maintenance, those alarms can be more of a hindrance than a help. Command readers, or card readers that are equipped with keypads, allow you to mask and unmask alarms right from the location of the alarm, meaning you can essentially turn off an alarm for a set period of time.

By masking an alarm, you tell your system to ignore events that would normally trigger it. When you’re ready to arm the alarm again, simply unmask it by punching in the correct code or sequence from the associated command reader. If you’re ordering lunch for the office, for example, you’ll likely prop a door open for easy access to the food. Although you will likely have an alarm associated with the door being held open for too long, masking the alarm with a command reader prevents that unnecessary alert from being sent out.

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