Common Access Card

Much like your own office, which can be protected by an access control system, the U.S. government performs the same function on a much larger scale with Common Access Cards (CAC), which are standard badge cards that are used to access secure facilities. Instead of giving out these badges for one specific company or space, though, CACs are used across multiple organizations, including active duty uniformed service personnel, selected reserve, Department of Defense employees, and government contractors. Each CAC is a smart card, meaning that they have embedded chips that can be read by security systems, which either grant or deny amenity access to cardholders. Each one also contains the user’s photo and personal information.

Similar cards are also available for use in the private sector. Smart cards are an effective way to monitor space access for your employees or users, especially when combined with other authentication measures. They’re simple, time-saving, and a crucial aspect of a healthy security system.

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