What does a Conettix D6600 do?

The Conettix D6600 has multiple functions, but all of them work in tandem to improve your network’s communication ability. Manufactured by Bosch, the D6600 is both a communications receiver and a gateway that is compatible with your access control system. The unit boasts 32 unique telephone lines with caller ID and two-way audio, plus VOIP (voice over internet protocol) distortion protection, making each call clear. It also reduces signal reporting time, which saves your system precious seconds when authenticating card access to reader-protected amenities. The D6600 reports any connectivity issues when they occur, which helps reduce confusion when a system or reader goes down. Better yet, the unit improves system security by running your network’s communications through a central, protected point. When used with your space’s access control system, the D6600 can improve your communication operations even more, which is an important but often overlooked aspect of running a successful office.

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