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If your facility takes up more than one floor in a building, it’s very likely that not everyone needs to have access to every single one of them. For larger operations, especially, protecting each floor’s integrity is a top priority. That’s where elevator readers come in — they’re just like card readers that allow access to rooms or other amenities, but these ones can determine which cardholders have access to which floors. While some people, including managers, support staff, and even office cleaners, might automatically need access to every floor, someone in the accounting department probably doesn’t need access to the executive suite.

reader inside the elevator cabin
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Each employee’s card can be configured with custom floor access through the elevator readers, meaning that your space’s elevators will only allow access to the floors that have been predetermined for their use. When your space stretches throughout a building, this security measure is imperative and ensures that only essential personnel are allowed on each floor. Building owners, too, can benefit from this by allowing only the staff on a certain floor to access that floor, which makes your space much more secure for lessees.

If you want to know more about elevator card access systems, check out our guide.

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