Kisi Elevator Access

A smarter way to manage your elevators.


Secure Your Floors With Kisi

  • Share access to specific floors in your building

  • Set up time and user restrictions

  • Integrate with video surveillance

  • Enable smartphone credentials

  • Manage multiple entry points and locations all from one dashboard

Easy Setup for
Building Owners or Tenants

Kisi for elevators can be installed as a standalone solution for the entire facility, or run in parallel with other systems. This allows maximum flexibility for tenants looking to secure only a few floors within the building.

Relay-Based Elevators

Users select their floor inside the elevator cabin.

Dispatch-Based Elevators

Users select their floor outside of the elevator cabin on a dispatch screen affixed at the elevator entrance.

Elevator Wiring

Elevator Cabin

elevator reader

Elevator Panel

Kisi Reader

Low voltage with media converter or CAT-6

Elevator Control Room


Kisi Controller


Elevator Board

Relay-to-relay connection from the Kisi Controller to the elevator board.

Experience the future of access control