Exit Reader

Exit readers are readers connected to an entrance reader that time how long a cardholder is in a certain space. Access control systems allow an incredible amount of control over your space, letting you decide who is allowed in which space. Exit readers are a powerful extension of this oversight, allowing you to time exactly how long you want to allow certain people in any one of your spaces. If they have not exited after the designated amount of time, an alarm is triggered, letting you know it’s time to check in on them.

Exit readers are particularly helpful when you’re allowing tours or maintenance by outside contractors. You need to let outsiders into your space, but you might not want them there all day. When visitors swipe into an entrance reader for the first time, an invisible clock within your system starts ticking, whether it’s for 15 minutes or eight hours. Exit readers wait for the badge to be swiped, letting you know when they leave and if they haven’t gone yet. It’s just another way to keep your space more secure.

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