False Acceptance Rate

There is a certain amount of error baked into any technological system, including access control systems. False acceptance rate (FAR), measures the frequency with which users who should be denied access to an asset within your space are falsely granted permission because the user was falsely recognized. This is hugely important to your space because it helps you understand how often your system is accidentally allowing access to your protected amenities. If the system’s FAR is relatively low, you shouldn’t worry about deeper issues within your access control system. If you’re experiencing a relatively high FAR, though, your system administrators should start to consider how to remedy the issue. If an elevator reader is wrongly allowing cardholder access to certain restricted floors, for example, your space’s integrity could be jeopardized. The FAR is a great measure of your facility's overall system health, helping you monitor how effective your security system is at allowing access to the correct cardholders and denying access to the ones who shouldn’t be allowed in.

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