Function Lists in Card Readers

While much of your system will be able to be controlled remotely from an app or desktop, you can also enact certain features physically. This is allowed by function lists, which are keypad-activated commands that are manually entered into card readers. Function lists allow you to do everything from masking alarms to allowing access to certain users, which makes operating your facility in-person much easier.

These lists of commands will be programmed into your access panels, which are parent devices that can control up to 64 unique readers in a space. Once each command is given a corresponding code, system administrators will be able to enter that code on each keypad-equipped reader to accomplish different tasks. For example, if you plan to install new equipment in your server room, you should use function lists to mask the alarm that alerts you if those doors are held open too long. Once the equipment is inside, simply enter the corresponding code into the card reader to re-arm the alarm.

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